D-Day For Insurance Coverage On Old Roofs In Florida








If Your Roof Is 15 Years or Older, You Could Soon Be Without Insurance or Pay More to Repair Storm Damage!

Experts Warn, Inspect Your Old Roof Before July 1

Mar 27, 2021

The new insurance regulations in Senate Bill 76 set to take effect July 21, 2021 have Florida homeowners with older roofs in a state of panic waiting to see if their policy will be cancelled and how much more it’ll cost to replace their roofs.

On May 20 this year, The Tampa Bay Times reported;

“More than 50,000 Florida policy holders will need to find a new property insurance carrier in the coming months, just as hurricane season roars into gear.”

And according to the American Adjuster Association, the group that defends policyholders against unscrupulous insurance practices such as claim denials and under payments;

“Florida policyholders will be forced to pay out-of-pocket for covered damage.”

Those being targeted are primarily older homes with roofs over 15yrs, a large share of whom are low-income residents and seniors living on fixed incomes. Most insurers are now requiring roof inspections before renewing or writing a homeowners policy, and mortgage companies are refusing to loan money on houses with roofs over ten years old.

The legislation was sponsored by Sen. Jim Boyd, (who also happens to own an insurance company) and was originally intended to ‘bring financial relief’ to insurance carriers who say they posted combined losses of $1.57 billion last year.

(There was no mention of the massive profits posted in the previous years thanks to millions of Florida homeowners who pay their policy on time every month for fifteen or twenty years and never make a claim. Many of them have already had their policies cancelled).

Imagine paying in $100,000 or more on your homeowners policy for fifteen or twenty years without ever making a claim, and getting a cancellation notice in the mail telling you “Good luck! You’re on your own!”

July 1, 2021: MORE Insurance Rate Increases and Cancellations Coming On Old Roofs

“Florida policyholders were promised rates would not increase if the 2019 AOB reform measures were passed, but that didn’t happen and many policyholders still received
notice of rate increases. 

Despite the promises made by the Florida legislature, these new bills will likely not reduce premiums. Instead, it will force policyholders to continue to
pay more for less coverage.”

American Adjustor Association 

Instead of helping to stop runaway insurance costs, this narrow minded and ill-conceived bill will do little more than hurt the most vulnerable in our communities by creating new maze of ridiculously confusing requirements, hurdles and hoops homeowners will have to jump through to file legitimate insurance roof claims and get paid.

Rocco Foley is an Orlando based Licensed Public Adjustor who fights insurance companies on behalf on policyholders with legitimate insurance roof claims who have either been denied, or are getting the runaround from an insurer who is refusing to cover the full amount needed to properly replace their roof.

He says; “People think insurance companies are on the side of the homeowner when they need their help the most. That’s not always true. Remember, an insurance company is on the side of profits, so some of them will delay, deny and defend themselves in order pay out the least amount they can get away with, and this new legislation only stacks the odds even more in the insurance company’s favor by actually arming them with legal (and entirely unethical) ways to deny and underpay claims.

It will now be much more difficult for homeowners – and especially seniors – to navigate the claims process on their own or fight back when insurers play games and either deny their claim or offer a lowball amount that won’t cover the cost of a new roof.

This new legislation is so poorly written, it even allows an insurance to agree that certain items on a roof need to be replaced, but because of the loopholes and weasel clauses in the statute, the insurance company is not legally bound to pay for them. It’s the most one-sided, unfair regulation I’ve ever seen in my twenty-two years in the insurance industry fighting for policy holders, and thousands of Florida homeowners are going to get crushed financially, not to mention the thousands who could wind up homeless because their homes become uninhabitable after a major storm tears off their roof and their insurance carrier turns their back on them.” Foley said.

If you have an old roof, here’s what you should do BEFORE July 1:


Read your insurance policy immediately and get to know the terms and limits of your coverage. Some insurance companies have already raised the deductible for wind and hail damage to an insane $15,000 and more! For some homeowners, $15,000 is more than the cost to replace the entire roof, meaning if you need to replace your roof this hurricane season, you’ll have to pay for it 100% out of pocket! If you need help understanding your policy, and most of us do, contact a License Public Adjuster to walk you through your policy at no charge.


Get your roof inspected by a reputable roofing contractor with solid reviews and experience working with insurance roof claims BEFORE these draconian new rules take affect. Contractors are not allowed to file or process your claim, but you’ll need a Roofing Contractor Inspection Report and Cost Estimate prepared before you file your claim, and ask your contractor to be present when the insurance adjuster does his/her inspection as well to ensure they don’t miss any of the damage.


Get familiar with the role Public Adjustors play in defending policy holders from the kind of tactics insurance companies can play when handling a roofing claim. Their help is invaluable in protecting policyholders from the financial devastation a denied roofing claim can bring. The best part is, Public Adjusters get bigger awards than policyholders who manage their own claims, and their services are FREE to the public.


For roof inspections and replacement cost estimates CLICK HERE

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If your roof is 15yrs or older, get it inspected before July 1 or an insurance policy cancellation notice shows up in your mailbox. Complete the form to get your questions answered on the phone!

More Out of Pocket Costs to Replace Storm Damaged Roofs

“SB76, and the related companion bills will not fix Florida’s alleged insurance crisis. The proposed legislation will have no immediate impact on premiums nor will it stop lawsuits against carriers. Instead, these bills give unrestrained power to big insurance companies and will allow them to reduce coverage, underpay claims and avoid any consequences for doing so. 

Florida policyholders will be forced to pay out-of-pocket for covered damage.”

American Adjuster Association

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