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Why Regular Roof Inspections Are So Important In Florida

You may not be aware you qualify for certain Storm Damage Mitigation Programs if severe weather struck a while ago, and because some roof damage (caused by storms or otherwise) isn’t always obvious from the ground.

To know the real condition of your roof and avoid even worse long-term damage, you’ll need a qualified inspector who is trained to spot hidden storm damage.

Our technician will perform a personal, up close inspection, or send up the “The Flying Dutchman,” our high-tech aerial drone to inspect your roof using a 4K digital camera safely from the ground and take high-resolution photos to show you any damage we find.

There’s no cost for the inspection, and if we don’t find any damage, at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing your roof is in good shape!

One More Good Reason to Get a FREE Inspection:

When we replace an old 3-Tab shingle roof, we automatically upgrade to Premium Grade Architectural shingles. We simply don’t install the old 3-Tab shingles anymore because of their inferior quality and inability to withstand our severe Florida weather.

Our Premium Architectural shingles are far more durable, more attractive and come in several colors and profiles to give your home a fresh new look and give you the sense of security you desire to weather the next storm!

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